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Sunshine & Colour

Is anyone else finding this last minute burst of an ‘Indian Summer’ rather strange and awkward? Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine and the excuse to eat ice-cream like most people, but I was looking forward to bringing out my chunky knits and winter boots, and oh yes the excuse to shop for some new season items! However, I guess we may as well make the most of summer dresses, shades and bare legs before they all need to be put away, and since its the weekend, its the perfect time to clash those brights!

These flowers were bought for the first day of the Hindu festival of Navratri, and whilst they do depict the colour and celebration of the festival, I think they also pefectly symbolise the mini summer we are currently having in the UK.

Bright because of the sunshine.

Fun because of the burst in temperature…….

……and a clash of colours because of the clash in seasons!

Have a lovely weekend all, and a Happy Navratri to those celebrating!



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Guilt is a terrible thing.

It is a feeling that drowns you with the acknowledgement, that there is something which you should have done….but you didn’t. It can also leave you feeling embarrassed.

What is the cause of this guilt I hear you wonder – well bascially the fact that I have failed to post and update this blog for so long. I would love to use the excuse that oh I had nothing to write about and nothing to share…but then I would be telling lies.

In the past few months I have travelled, I have read, met up with old friends, added pieces to my closet and even entered a relationship (sort of)

So there you have it, I’ve just been lazy and for that I now feel guilty. I would like to start posting again (as in daily), so I guess this may be a start….


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The first post of a new blog can be a confusing prospect. Some people prefer to completely skip past the hey, hi’s and hello’s and get into whatever they plan to blog about. Whilst some others feel that their first post should be more of a welcome, an introduction, to who they are.

Which category do I fall into?

Well, initially I was planning on doing the big grand ‘Helloooooo!’ post (including that amount of cheesy o’s), but then I thought to myself, no forget that. I was then tempted by the skipping choice of just posting something, anything, but then after a few moments thought, that didn’t sit too well either. I mean what exactly should I make as my first post? So somehow I have ended up with this weird thing as my official first post as Mademoiselle Mundane.

Mademoiselle Mundane, Mademoiselle Mundane? I hear you ask. Well why not? I’m young and single so hence the ‘Mademoiselle’ part, and as for the ‘Mundane’, well my life is pretty mundane at the moment so there you go.

Please note, I do realise that the title of this blog isn’t the most appealing, as most people want to project themselves and their blog as interesting and not mundane. However I am one to call a spade a spade, and although my life my seem rather mundane to myself, you just never know someone out there (maybe you?) may find me, my interests and forthcoming posts interesting. I am yet to decide if I want this blog to focus on one thing or a few things long-term, but what I will say is that apart from blogging about my mundane life, I plan to throw in bits of fashion, food, style, bollywood, books and anything else that catches my eye.

I think thats perhaps enough mundaneness for a first post, and so I think I’ll end it here!


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