Craving the two cheeky C’s

The two cheeky C’s. By this I mean carbs and chocolate, but sometimes when the sky looks miserable outside, and your heart is sighing on the inside, nothing beats a slice (or two) of nutty chocolate Nutella on slighty toasted multigrain bread.

I am aware that some people like to add a twist to this beautiful classic, by adding chopped slices of banana – this I am yet to try.

Do you have any interesting toast + Nutella + ? combination? Do let me know!



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In need of a new winter coat!

Considering the weather is taking a turn, and as the afternoon’s are beginning to feel more like evening’s, I am starting to think about my autumn wardrobe. Now I am yet to rearrange my wardrobe, but what I do know is that I am in need of a new winter coat! Off the top of my head I think I have around three heavy winter only coats, these are – a long black tailored coat from Zara, a black cape style short coat from Luella, and a fitted yet bat-winged/cape arms style wool coat from Ted Baker.

I have had the Zara coat for about four years now, but it really needs to be replaced! Im in search of something quite fitted and tailored, obviously in black, that can be worn for work to the office as well as generally when the weather decides to be angry.

So far these are the contenders…..

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Wool Blend Coat (via The Outnet) – I love how the only detail on this coat is the placement of the buttons, as well as how it nips in at the waist and has pleats to create that swishy effect.

All Saints Tepo Coat (via All Saints) – The interesting wrap around collar, and the asymmetric style…not something you see everywhere.

McQ Women (via Yoox) – Epaulet sleeves, the hook and bar detailing around the collar and neckline, and of course its a McQueen.

Marc by Marc Jacobs (via Yoox) – A coat with a slight touch of traditional old charm with the double-breasted closure and faux fur around the collar, a classic.

Which one to go for is the question…..


September 22, 2011 at 1:52 pm 2 comments

Single in the City by Michele Gorman

I came across Single in the City by Michele Gorman, a few days ago, and thought I’d give it a go as I was looking for something quite light, fun and girly to read.

The story is one that many will relate to, that of an individual (or in this case Hannah), who sets out to make a fresh start in London, all the way from the USA. Hannah, as well as a few of the other characters are very likeable, and it is interesting to read how she finds fitting in with the English, dating, working and making new friends.

In essence it is a nice enough read, however, the only thing that annoyed me was that there didn’t seem to be much of a connection between Hannah and the guy who she ends up with. For me he hardly left an impact on the story, on Hannah, or myself as the reader, so that when it came to the ending I couldn’t understand Hannah’s decision – she still seemed a bit lost.

Michele Gorman, is new author to me, and I think this is her only release yet, so I would like to give another book of her’s a try. Single in the City, isn’t probably a book that I would go back to and read again, but if you’re looking for something light, then give it a go.


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Perfect Monday Reading

I have finally got around to buying the current UK edition of Vogue, which has the lovely Adele gracing the cover. For some reason I always make sure I get a copy of Vogue in the winter months. I don’t know if that’s down to preferring my autumn wardrobe to my summer wardrobe, or because the winter issues seem to have more content, or simply because it’s my birthday in October (if anyone knows where I can get a copy of UK Vogue October 1984 ahem, please do let me know!)

Anyways, its a good issue based on the cover stories – autumn’s essentials, Jane Birkin, Azzedine Alaia, focus on the English Woman now…what else do you need? Oh yes a cup of green tea.


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Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in a Basket is a dish in my opinion that is excellent no matter what time of day, fantastic as a quick breakfast if you don’t have much time, and great to give to kids too! (my niece and nephew love it!)

As the name suggests its all about an egg(s) in a basket.

What you will need:

About 2 tablespoons of oil

Ketchup or any other sauce you prefer (experiment!)

1 good quality egg per a silce of bread

What to do:

First take a non-stick frying pan and add about 2 tablespoons of oil. Place on the cooker to heat the oil. Meanwhile take a slice of bread and cut out a circle in the centre – you can use a glass rim, or a small cup, basically anything that will ‘cut’ the centre of the bread into a circle.

Next place the slice of bread into the frying pan and slightly fry one side of the bread. I usually wait till I hear it to begin to sizzle before I flip it over onto the other side (you don’t want it burnt!)

Crack the egg into the centre if the bread, where you have cut out the circle, and let it cook gently until the white becomes solid. I usually cook the egg on the lowest gasmark to make sure the bread doesn’t start to overcook before the egg. Once the white is solid I usually flip it over for about 2 seconds just to seal a thin layer of the yolk, but not long enough to cook it! The yolk must be kept runny!

Once cooked, plate the egg in the basket and fry off the left over centre of the bread. I always try and keep the yolk whole, but unfortunately, due to all the flipping it will sometimes break….very slightly. But do not worry, as I’ve said before it’s all about the yolk being kept runny!

Serve with ketchup or any other sauce you prefer. As you can see the key to this is to keep the yolk still runny, so that when cut into with a knife, it runs into the fried bread.



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GlossyBox: September 2011 Box

I first wrote about GlossyBox here, but due to my magical lazy vanishing act from my blog, I ermm unfortunately failed to follow up on what I received in the previous months. I won’t go into what I received previously but I will share with you what arrived today so…


There has been a bit of an uproar (if thats what you can even call it) over what is classed as a high-end luxury product, the sizes of the product, and the price of the box itself amongst other things. However, personally I think for the price, service and variety of products, GlossyBox are doing very well. I’ve been happy with all the boxes so far, and I’ve actually used all the products sent to me (apart from one pack of nail wraps, but I’d rather ignore that at the moment), and this months box is certainly a keeper!

The theme of this months box is ‘5 Future Classics’, all products come with a discount code. My box for September contains: (note – I say ‘My’ because not all the boxes are the same)

  • Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment – This is a 200ml full size product. I’ve never heard of the brand, but the product claims to repair damaged hair, leaving it shiny, healthy and manageable. It also smells great, so Im looking forward to trying this one.
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing – My box contains two sachets of this product which has been voted best exfoliator by You Magazine. I’ve seen the products of this brand whilst out and about, and have always wanted to try them.
  • Kimia Exquisite Rejuvenating Facial System – This sample comes in two parts, a natural face oil and a hydra-activator. Its not from a brand that I’ve heard of before but aims to combat signs of ageing and leave you with ‘The Kimia Glow’. From what I understand so far, it can be used before applying make-up as well as a night treatment. As Im currently all set for the foundation to my makeup, I think I will be testing it as a night treatment.
  • HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette – The second full size product of the box. The blog world, beauty industry and generally most beauty buffs, seem to be going crazy about this product. As my brows are craving for some TLC, I can not wait to try this out.
  • Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum – A sample of Plum, which is the signature fragrance by world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Mary Greenwell. At first its seem quite a strong and mature fragrance, however I do wonder if will sweeten once settled for a while.

If you’re a GlossyBox subscriber, do let me know what you got in your box!


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One Day by David Nicholls

For some reason I actually feel ashamed to admit that I’ve only just finished reading One Day by David Nicholls. Simply because so many people only seem to be reading it at the moment because of the recent release of the film adaptation. I had infact intended to read it many months ago, but for some reason or other I only got around to reading it now.

I won’t bore you with a full review of the book, as Im sure there are many out there, but what I will say that it certainly is a must read! David Nicholls is a new author to me, and I really enjoyed his style of writing, the character’s, as well as the story itself. It does have abit of a chick-lit feel to it, but at the same time, it is very cool, so the blokes out there – don’t be afraid of it!

The book carries the wonderful theory of your best friend, that one person who you meet turns out to be ‘The One’, and even though the years may pass and other relationships may come and go that individual remains…that connection remains (until death of course.)

As for the characters, I instantly liked Emma, but when it came to Dexter I think I can see why things were complicated for Emma at times. As much as I loved the two of them together, a lot of Dexter’s actions and decisions really really annoyed me.

So basically, all I want to say is if you’re looking for something to read, something to touch your soul then check out One Day by David Nicholls. I am yet to decide whether I want to watch the film version or not, as I’ve read very mixed reviews. So if there is anyone out there reading this, who has read the book and watched the film, do let me know what you thought of the two.


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